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Why We Created the Defense Box

We created the The Defense Box in direct response to the hundreds of emails we received at  People from around the world shared their stories, many of which were of late intervention which resulted in being placed on ventilator. Statistically, up to 80% of these deaths are the result of being placed on a ventilator.  Although there has always been a list of these items on the site, we found that it wasn’t always easy to find these items in stores or elsewhere.  To ensure that people had what they need BEFORE they need it, we created a curated box in one convenient package. Because the time to have a fire extinguisher is BEFORE your kitchen is on fire, right?  Everything in the box is recommended from the leading physicians around the world conveniently in one place.  Like our Box motto says:

Be Prepared. Not Scared.

Our Mission

Our mission is for every household to have a proactive plan for these times so that no one has to die alone on a ventilator in a hospital.

This plan includes:

  1. A frontline of defense or first-aid kit (aka The Defense Box).
  2. Access to providers who employ effective treatments.
  3. Access to ongoing support and patient advocates.



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