Bulk Ordering

After our current stock is sold (it is going fast), the ONLY way to order from us is BULK pre-orders.

Ordering in bulk is great for Air BNB owners, restaurant or coffee shop owners, gym owners, HR departments of large corporations, hotel chains, airlines, cruise lines, churches, large retailers, wellness centers, and so on.

You can order any item in our store in bulk (25 minimum order), but we only offer a wholesale discount for our boxes (Defense Boxes and Anti-V Kits). We offer 30% off the full retail price for our boxes and kits.

To get started, complete the automated form below:

Wholesale Inquiry
Type of business
Which items are you interested in pre-ordering in bulk? (bulk is at least 25 of any item)
How Will You Be Paying?
Do you understand that you will be pre-ordering and that it may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order depending on the quantity?

We will be in touch by phone and email to complete your bulk order. Thank you for your business.