Silver Water Mist


We are SOLD OUT of our silver mist! Please go directly to the manufacturer here to buy more. 

A perfect add-on to your Defense Box!

SilverKare 4 oz bottle with fine-misting spray of our special blend of colloidal silver (30 PPM), micro particulates of the purest silver suspended in ultra pure proprietary-treated water. Delivered in an amber or cobalt glass spray bottle to protect shelf life.

SilverKare Colloidal Silver has so many wide uses for personal care:

  1. SilverKare Colloidal Silver products are used in wound care, burns, cuts, staph, ulcers, bed sores, MRSA, etc.
  2. Used in food prep and counter prep
  3. Used in water treatment

Pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive in the presence of SilverKare Colloidal Silver.

In-vitro studies with SilverKare’s 30 PPM Colloidal Silver, conducted at UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS, demonstrate that many pathogenic microorganisms cannot survive in the presence of our 30PPM SilverKare Colloidal Silver.