Monthly Immune Box

This box is a month’s worth of supplements curated from the leading physicians and wellness experts in one convenient kit. Hassle free for consistent immune support. Will be available as a monthly subscription if you need it. Coming in November 2021.

Naturals Defense Box

This box only includes natural items for your defense and immunity, recommend by our wellness experts. This box will include natural supplements, vitamins, essential oils, and more. This box is for people who cannot or chose not to take any over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Coming in November 2021.

Long Haulers Box

This kit is for people suffering from long-term or persistent symptoms, commonly referred to as long haulers syndrome. This box includes items we have gathered from many wellness experts who have helped with symptoms such as lack of taste and smell, extreme fatigue, brain fog, endurance issues, joint pain, and more. Coming in December 2021.