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Yes…we do wholesale orders! Whether you’re a physical retailer, doctor’s office, wellness clinic, or church, we got you covered with volume pricing. To get started, complete the automated form below:

Wholesale Inquiry
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Which items are you interested in pre-ordering in bulk? (bulk is at least 25 of any item)
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Do you understand that you will be pre-ordering and that it may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your order depending on the quantity?

Wholesale Agreement

To become a wholesale customer, please complete our


And then download, sign and return it to defenseboxes@gmail.com.

***PLEASE NOTE***: We will only process and ship orders pending a signed Wholesale Agreement Form.

Wholesale Defense Box Pricing: $125.00 – per Defense Box (30% off retail price of $179.99)

Minimum Order: 25 boxes (to get volume discount)

Each box contains everything listed on the product page here inside a white box with a handle (like a first-aid kit). In addition each box comes with a sheet or card with dosages and instructions. (Photos Available on Product page)